HeyBuddies | Sat and Sun std booth at Sentosa Boardwalk Bazaar
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Sat and Sun std booth at Sentosa Boardwalk Bazaar



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Click to find out more! No reward points. Each booth comprises of: 1 x 2.5m x 2.5m tent 2 x tables with TGIF Bazaars Table Cloth (please bring your own overlay to place over our table cloth) 2 x plastic chairs 1 set of florescent lights Terms and conditions of buying: Booth numbers are allocated by the Organiser. Bookings not substantiated with paypal, credit card or bank transfer payments will be released after 24 hours ​In the event of conflicting bookings, the time and date of payment transaction determines who has priority. Products & Services Guideline There are two sets of terms and conditions every vendor must abide by. The first is TGIF Bazaars' general terms and conditions, the second is additional terms and conditions set by the venue owners or events hosts. ​Generally we welcome a wide variety of merchandise at our flea markets and bazaars, such as the following: Unique handmade products Accessories & Apparels Antiques or Collectables Aroma / Essential Oils Authentic Anime Figurines Books & Educational Products Board Games Bears and Soft Toys Cardholders and Luggage Tags Home Decor Items Knick-Knacks & Novelties Stationery Toys and Gadgets Activity based services such as Caricature Portraits Unique snacks or food (subject to further terms and conditions) ... if unsure please check with us. The following items are strictly prohibited for sale: Banking or Financial related Products Bridal Packages MLM Membership Sign-ups Counterfeit, copy-right infringed products. House Rules / Terms and Conditions by TGIF Bazaars Eligibility: 1 ) Singaporeans and PRs are welcome! 1 ) Foreigners with Visitor passes are not allowed to operate a booth at the Bazaar (due to restrictions of NEA Regulations). 2 ) Work permit/ S pass/E pass holders, please note that your eligibility to book depends on your employer's contractual agreement with you. TGIF Bazaars shall not be held liable in the event the vendor is found to be violating any employment agreement with their employer or governed laws. 3) When booking, it is compulsory to fill up your full name, NRIC, Work Pass number or Business Registration number. Your personal particulars will be kept in strictest confidence. Procedure for Booking a Booth with us: 1 ) Book Here (Enail our product photos, NRIC, select venue, dates to sales@tgifbazaars.com 2 ) Our staff will trigger a quotation for you Please note that the booth quoted to you at this time is not confirmed. 3 ) Upon receiving proof of transaction, your booth will be secured. 4 ) Official receipts will be issued for all payments made. 5 ) The Organizer reserves the right to re-assign the booth to others if payment not received after severe prompts. Change of Dates 1 ) No refund will be made for cancellation of booking. 2 ) You are allowed to change the date subject to 1 week 's notice before date of bazaar. 3 ) An admin fee of S$15 will be imposed for the any pull-outs. No Exception. 4 ) Should there be any concerns, please e-mail to sales@tgifbazaars.com. Bad Weather 1 ) Embrace and enjoy the challenge. 2 ) No refund will be given for bad weather. 3 ) Vendors are advised to have their own plastic sheets to counter bad weather. 4 ) Orange canvas sheets available for rent: $2 / pcs. (Limited) Unloading of merchandise / Parking 1 ) Unload of merchandise is allowed at the open carpark. 2) We possess no coupons for parking. Merchandise Declared for sale You will only be allowed to sell the products that you have declared during submission of booking. The organizer reserves the right to request the vendor to withdraw any product not declared or informed. Usage of Booths 1 ) Each booth cannot be shared by more than 2 merchants. 2) All merchants must keep to within the space allocated. 3) Merchants may not bring their own tables and chairs at our bazaars and flea markets unless explicitly allowed in writing, Liabilities 1 ) You are liable to indemnify the Organiser or Venue Owners for any loss or caused to their property and / or injury to their employees arising out of your (including your employees, agents or representatives) negligence. Your Responsibility. Please read all 10 points. 1 ) You agree to accept Terms and conditions set by TGIF Bazaars, our Event Partners and the Venues we operate in 2) The Venue Management team or TGIF Bazaars shall not be held responsible for any damages or losses of your items. 3 ) Be punctual for your bazaar operating time. If not, inform us. 4 ) Strictly only black cloth to be used to cover any merchandise stored overnight for any sheltered / indoors venue. 5 ) Vendors shall be liable to any losses or damages to our asset. (E.g. Loss of Fan) 6 ) Inform or talk to us if you have any concerns. We are nice people. ​7 ) Keep your Booth neat and clean. No littering (find a bin or handle your own trash). Damage: $50 8 ) Strictly no smoking in the tents. Damage: $50. 9 ) Only TGIF Bazaars Table cloth can be used to cover our tables provided. You are allowed to bring your additional table cloth to place over our table cloth if need be. Any other items brought for display purposes, do not cover TGIF Bazaars Logo located at the bottom right of our table cloth. 10) Overnight storage (without any security guard) is at your own risk. Others ​TGIF Bazaars reserves the right to make changes to booth allocation, prices, terms and conditions without prior notice, without explanation. All hardware provided by TGIF Bazaars LLP are on rental basis unless otherwise stated.. You will allow TGIF Bazaars and affiliates to use any images of your products, yourselves in our publicity materials. Should you not allow this, please notify admin@tgifbazaars.com via email. Please note that under the NEA licensing regulations, we will need to apply for Tradefair permit and provide a merchants list before we can operate the bazaar. As such we require scanned copies of your NRICs for submission to NEA,at least 1 month in advance. ​​ Parties who do not comply with NEA regulations will not be admitted as merchants to this bazaar.​ Last updated 3rd August 2016

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